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Our restroom rentals are delivered to each site in clean condition and are maintained throughout your rental period by our skilled service technicians, who follow the company’s Precision Service Plan. We provide regular service with rentals and additional service is recommended depending on the frequency that the restroom is used. Inquire about the best cleaning program for your project or event!

ARF trucks are required to be stocked with blue deodorizer, urinal blocks, hand sanitizer, pink soap, toilet paper, paper towels, graffiti remover, rags, a spray bottle with urinal cleaner, and a spray bottle with degreaser and a squeegee.
All trucks must be equipped with; a) date stickers; b) unit blocked tags; c) writing pens and a black sharpie before leaving the company yard each morning.
To ensure the safety of our drivers, it is mandatory that they: a) wear a yellow vest over a company uniform; b) wear work boots and safety glasses at every service; c) wear a hard hat at every construction site and; d) operate all vehicles with a Bluetooth headset. Employee safety is a company value.
Drivers must inventory each unit and note the service date.
All waste must be pumped from each holding tank.
Surfaces and facilities inside the unit must be sprayed with a disinfectant cleaner.
Immediately note any exterior/interior damage and repair. (Follow up with supervisor if necessary.)
Graffiti should be erased with graffiti remover if possible. Graffiti that cannot be removed should be documented.
Rinse the unit with water.
Re-pump remaining liquid inside the holding tank, and fill with 2 gallons of water.
One blue deodorizing tablet should be placed inside the holding tank. (For VIP units, place 2 tablets inside the tank.)
Thoroughly clean toilet seats and wipe down adjacent areas.
Replenish toilet paper, hand sanitizer and any other missing items. (Based on refill frequency ordered.)
All supplies and equipment should be stored securely.
Drivers should do an assessment of the job site to determine if extra units or services would better serve the client. (Record assessment in route sheet.)
If any unit/units are severely damaged, note the damage in the route sheet and inform dispatch that an exchange needs to be completed.
In the event of a safety or accessibility issue, drivers will photograph the area and report the issue to dispatch.
Provide dispatch with a site number and document the damage to the unit.
If there is a safety or accessibility issue, the driver will remain on-site until dispatch resolves the situation with the client. Dispatch will then inform the driver how to proceed.
Input all photographs and notes into the system.

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