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Our Indoor Hand Sanitizer Stand is perfect for offices, retail locations, restaurants, storefronts, public use businesses, and events. The indoor hand sanitizer stand promotes cleanliness and safety and is designed for easy multi-user frequent use. The 65%+ alcohol based solution kills 99.9999% of viruses and germs on hands. Each hand sanitizing cartridge provides up to 700 uses, has a locking mechanism to keep the solution secure, and comes with a regular monthly refill and service.
Height: 48”
Depth: 16”
Width: 16”
1 Or 2 Hand Sanitizer Cartridges Available Per Stand
Environmentally Friendly
Up To 700 Uses Per Cartridge
Locking Mechanism & Easy to Secure
Kills 99.9999% Of Germs & Viruses
Additional Refills Available
65%+ Alcohol Based Solution
Comes with Monthly Refill & Service
Sturdy Steel Design
Made in USA

Portable Restroom Hand Sanitizer can be added to any of our units just ask one of our representatives for details.

Indoor Hand Sanitizer Stand Image

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